Why the number of ads required to read to post a message is too high?

You are required to click 150 messages every time to post a message. 

You are required to click 300 banner ads/ text ads every time to post a message.

Every message you post will receive 100 guaranteed views.

So on average, you will be getting 1 - 2 views for every 3 ads you click
Ideally, in a mailer or a safelist, you will read 150 emails(to send a mail to 1500 members) and get 30-45 clicks in return.  But we deliver 100 views for every 150 messages you read.  So you are actually getting more traffic for your effort.
As for banner ads and text ads, you are required to read 300 because banner and text ads do not have a timer.  So you can quickly accumulate views by clicking banner and text ads.
Moreover, the sustainability of our program and delivering quality traffic is our number one motto.  If we lower the ad viewing requirement, members will read a fewer number of ads to post a message or there will be too many ads in our system.
This will make it simply impossible for us to deliver the traffic that we promised.

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