Do you have affiliate program?

Yes. We pay 50% Sales Commission on every sale you personally make.  Commissions are paid every Monday when your affiliate commission balance reaches $10.

We will pay your commissions in Bitcoin(BTC) or LiteCoin(LTC) to your Coinpayments Account through Coinpayments' $PayByName tag feature.
You can buy a $paybyname tag for just $2 per year.  After purchasing a tag, update your tag name and the preferred coin in your #SITENAME# profile.

Video tutorial on creating a tag  

If you can't afford to buy a tag, you may send us a CoinPayments invoice instead.  Simply log in to your CoinPayments account,  Select More > Merchant tools > Payment Request Invoice Builder.

Your merchant ID will be auto-filled if you are logged in.  Enter "#SITENAME# Affiliate Commission" as request description and
the commission left in your account as a request amount then click the "generate link" button.

Copy the generated link and contact our support for the commission request with the invoice link and preferred coin(We only pay through Litecoin or Bitcoin only).

We also pay commissions through Uphold.  Please update your Uphold email address in your profile.

FEES ON COMMISSION:  You will be charged 0.5% fees on commissions you receive to your Coinpayments account.  But NO FEES on Commissions paid through Uphold.

COMMISSION HOLD PERIOD:  In rare cases, we may hold your commission up to a week, if your referral's purchase activity is suspicious.

COULD NOT REACH MINIMUM PAYOUT?  If you have less than $10 in your commission balance and would like to get paid, send us a support ticket requesting your commission payment.

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